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What to Expect After Dental Fillings

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What to Expect After Dental FillingsSometimes dental fillings are needed because tooth decay has eaten away part of an otherwise healthy tooth. Sometimes fillings are needed because an old filling has begun to deteriorate or has fallen out. Once your dentist has recommended a filling and you’ve scheduled your appointment, only one question remains: what can you expect after the filling has been done?

Virginia Beach dentists say, knowing what to expect after you have had a dental filling placed can help you to get back to your normal routine as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

Numbness. For your comfort, most dentists use local anesthetics to numb the teeth and gums at the start of the appointment. Once the treatment is complete, you can expect to experience numbness for several hours. This can include your lips, tongue, and even your face. This sensation can feel odd, but try to resist the urge to pinch, pull, or bite these numb areas. Doing so can lead to painful bruising that lasts long after the anesthesia has worn away.

Eating. Tooth-colored dental fillings are completely cured and hardened before you leave the dental office, so you are free to resume a normal diet as soon as you are ready. Just be careful to avoid biting your tongue, lips, or cheeks while you are numb.

Pain. Mild to moderate discomfort after a dental filling can be controlled with the same medications that you would normally use for a headache. Taking a light dose just before the anesthesia wears off is a good way to ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible.

Biting. The dentist will check to ensure that your teeth fit together properly after your fillings have been placed, but it’s not uncommon to need additional adjustments afterwards. When you leave the dental office and are no longer numb, check to make sure that your upper and lower teeth come together evenly. Verify that both sides of your mouth come together at the same time. A slightly unbalanced bite can lead to significant tooth pain, sensitivity, and TMJ problems. Adjusting the bite and correcting the problem is simple and can be completed in just minutes.

For more answers to your questions about dental fillings and other dental procedures, contact a dentist in the Virginia Beach area today.

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