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Is Your Dental Care Age-Appropriate?

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Dental care age appropriate dentist Virginia BeachWe all have teeth, but that doesn’t mean that we all need the same type of dental care. Virginia Beach dentists say that, as we transition through various stages of life, the type of dental care that we receive should transition, too. Finding a dentist who takes your age and lifestyle into consideration will give you the best chance for a lifetime of good dental health.

Take a look at the ways that your dental care needs could change as you age:

  • Babies and Toddlers: Baby’s teeth and gums should be cleaned twice a day. This can be accomplished with a clean, damp washcloth or a toddler-sized toothbrush.
  • Middle School and High School: Daily brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups are important for this age group. Cavity prevention is essential and good oral hygiene habits must be reinforced. An orthodontic evaluation should also be performed during this time.
  • Ages 20-40: Regular checkups should continue, but this age group should also be mindful of harmful dietary habits that could harm the grownup smile. This age group may also begin to see signs of damage from clenching or grinding due to tension and stress, so the dentist may introduce a night guard for extra protection.
  • Pregnancy: The body will undergo hormonal changes during this phase that could have a significant effect on your oral health. Additional dental cleaning and exams may be recommended during this time. It is also important to resolve all dental infections, cavities, and gum disease prior to the pregnancy to ensure optimal health for the baby and the mother.
  • Ages 40-60: This age group may experience the deterioration and need for replacement of old dental restorations. There is also a greater risk for tooth loss for this age group and the dentist will work to prevent that loss whenever possible.
  • Age 60 and Beyond: Plaque control, dry mouth, dietary changes, and chronic health problems could present new oral hygiene challenges for this age group. The dentist’s job is to identify potential risk factors and help you to adjust accordingly.

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