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Welcome to our blog! Here, you’ll discover useful tips, educational articles, and interesting information about current topics in dental health. Check back frequently to discover what’s new in the world of dentistry and how you can benefit from a strong, healthy smile.

Why So Many Cavities?

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Here’s a common scenario: You finally schedule an appointment with the dentist. You’re not having any problems, but you just want to have a checkup and a dental cleaning. During your appointment, the dentist informs you that you have 10 cavities! How can this be? You’re not in any pain and you’ve never had so […]

What to Expect After Dental Fillings

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Sometimes dental fillings are needed because tooth decay has eaten away part of an otherwise healthy tooth. Sometimes fillings are needed because an old filling has begun to deteriorate or has fallen out. Once your dentist has recommended a filling and you’ve scheduled your appointment, only one question remains: what can you expect after the […]

Vaping linked to health risks

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Many people assume e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to smoking. But new data suggest vaping may pose immune risks. Animal studies and analyses of gene activity point to broad range of potential new health risks from vaping affecting everything from sperm to heart and immunity to mental health. Read more by clicking on the link […]

Insider’s Guide to Dental Bonding

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Have your teeth been restored with dental bonding, or are you considering the procedure for the first time? Understanding how to care for your bonded restorations and knowing what to expect from the procedure may help you to get the most benefit from your decision. Here’s what you should know: Over time, composite bonding or […]

Is It Time for a New Toothbrush?

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Your toothbrush works harder than almost any appliance in your house. You use it every day, several times a day, to keep a very busy place clean. Yet most people don’t know how often they should replace their toothbrush. The standard recommendation is to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head (on an electric toothbrush) every three months, […]