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Virginia Beach Dentists Have the Cure for an Incomplete Smile

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Depositphotos_10111180_originalNow that 2014 is behind us, it’s time to start checking those items off of your list of New Year’s resolutions. If your list includes improving your oral health, why not start by talking to some Virginia Beach dentists about dental implants? Surely you have grown tired of having food caught in the space where you had that tooth taken out or maybe you’ve noticed that the rest of your teeth seem to be slowly shifting because of an empty space.

Dealing with a missing tooth was once considered a problem for which there were few effective solutions—it could only be replaced with a bridge or a removable denture. Unfortunately, the bridge required the removal of additional tooth structure while the removable denture is had a reputation for feeling bulky and uncomfortable. Today, implant dentistry has emerged as the more desirable tooth replacement options. It’s a concept that is supported by decades of success and an incredibly high rate of patient satisfaction.

Just consider the notable advantages of dental implants:

Independent of the other teeth: A bridge is only as strong as the teeth to which it is connected. A cavity or a fracture in one of the supporting teeth can compromise the life of the entire bridge. Dental implants, on the other hand, are completely independent and do not rely on the surrounding teeth to support them.

Natural design: Like a real tooth root, the titanium screw that is the dental implant post will integrate with the jaw bone to establish a firm anchor of support. After the implant post is fitted with a crown, the final product is the closest alternative to a natural tooth, according to the resources which are currently available in modern dentistry.

Easy Maintenance: To clean underneath your bridge every day, you’ll need to use of a floss-threading tool, whereas you can floss around a dental implant without the need for extra accessories.

This New Year, why not make it a point to get your smile back on track? Remember to consult some dentists in Virginia Beach about dental implants today.

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