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When to Say Goodbye to Old Dental Fillings

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Beautiful SmilesThose old silver fillings from the past are a true testament to the quality and longevity of good dental care. Many of these old fillings have been able to withstand the test of time, dating back to your childhood and teenage years. No matter how long ago they may have been done, even the best dentists in Virginia Beach can’t make a filling that will last forever.

There comes a time when it’s time to say goodbye to those old fillings, and you may need professional help to know just when to pull the plug.

Although your fillings may not be bothering you during your normal daily activities, they will begin to slowly deteriorate and your dentist is the best judge of their status. The dentist will look for visual signs such as corroded edges, fracture lines, and discoloration. You may be asked about subtle symptoms like sensitivity to temperature, biting pressure, or cool air. On dental x-rays, these fillings may show gaps and recurrent tooth decay.

Without timely treatment, these small problems can become more noticeable and much more advanced. However, with early detection and swift action, the old fillings can be easily removed from the teeth and the area can be refilled with a tooth colored restoration such as a resin or ceramic filling. In some instances, if the old filling was particularly large or deep, a dental crown may serve as the best replacement restoration. Crown can increase the tooth’s strength when it is found to be weak.

In the vast majority of modern dental offices, the old amalgam or silver fillings are no longer in use. They are being systematically replaced with newer, biocompatible materials that are also more natural-looking. This means that, as the old fillings are found to be failing, they will be replaced as needed. There are some cases in which all of the fillings can be replaced at once, upon your request.

To find out if it is time to say goodbye to your old dental fillings, contact a dentist in the Virginia Beach area for a thorough evaluation.

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