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Why Dentists are Concerned about Dry Mouth

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concerns dry mouth dentist virginia beachThere is a good chance that you have experienced dry mouth at least once in your life. Maybe you felt as though you were parched with thirst after a strenuous workout. Or perhaps you found yourself in a scary, stressful situation that left your throat and tongue feeling like a desert. But, what if the issue of dryness became an ongoing problem? Would you be able to distinguish a temporary dry mouth from a chronic dry mouth? Virginia Beach dentists say that knowing the difference could help you to avoid a long list of dental problems.

How does dry mouth affect your oral health?

  • Acidic, destructive bacteria can reproduce very quickly in a dry oral environment.
  • The teeth can be directly attacked by the acid that is produced by plaque bacteria.
  • Chewing and swallowing are difficult and uncomfortable when the mouth is dry.
  • Cavities, tooth sensitivity, and unpleasant breath are the common side effects of dry mouth.
  • Tender, irritated gum tissue is often a symptom of dry mouth.

What can be done to manage dry mouth?

  • Sip water during the day and overnight to keep your mouth moisturized.
  • Limit your consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. These chemicals are known to contribute to oral dryness.
  • Practice proper, thorough, and frequent oral hygiene to minimize oral bacteria.
  • Chew sugarless gum or suck sugar free candies to promote the flow of saliva after meals or snacks.
  • Try moisturizing mouth gels and rinses to soothe irritated oral tissues and neutralize acidity in the mouth.
  • Talk to your dentist about oral dryness. The dentist needs to know more about your health and lifestyle habits in order to provide you with a specific strategy for managing your dry mouth.

Is dry mouth putting your oral health at risk?

Virginia Beach dentists recommend that you schedule an appointment today for a full examination.

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