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Why So Many Cavities?

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Question?Here’s a common scenario: You finally schedule an appointment with the dentist. You’re not having any problems, but you just want to have a checkup and a dental cleaning. During your appointment, the dentist informs you that you have 10 cavities! How can this be? You’re not in any pain and you’ve never had so many cavities.

Dentists in Virginia Beach see this unfortunate episode unfold more often than you might imagine. Adults between the ages of 24-35 and adults over the age of 65 face a higher risk for cavities than other age groups, and there are often no obvious signs or symptoms.

For adults who are between the ages of 24-35, cavities that form in between the teeth can be a major problem. These cavities can form anywhere that two teeth are touching one another, and the number of teeth with cavities can multiply quickly. These cavities are not typically painful and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Instead, the dentist will need a series of bitewing x-rays to evaluate the areas between the teeth in order to find these areas of tooth decay. Adults in this age group may be particularly vulnerable to cavities between the teeth if they use certain medications such as sleep aids or allergy medications. Also, adults who sip beverages other than water throughout the work day (even diet drinks) and those who rely on sports beverages during workouts are prone to these sneaky cavities.

Adults who are over the age of 65 are more likely to develop cavities along the roots of the teeth and along the edges of dental crowns or bridges. Dry mouth, dietary changes, and the inability to properly clean certain areas of the mouth are the most common reasons for the increase in tooth decay. These cavities aren’t typically painful, but are known to spread quickly towards the center of the tooth, leading to nerve exposure, failed dental crowns, and broken teeth.

Fortunately, most small cavities that are between the teeth or along the gumline can be easily addressed with simple dental fillings as long as they are identified and treated early.

There are dentists in Virginia Beach who are skilled at finding and filling small cavities even before you can feel them or see them. Find out if you have cavities and get the problem under control right away by calling to schedule your appointment today.

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